About Me

I am a composer, performer, writer. I’m also a pent-up curmudgeon. I vent on political and economic matters in both my writing and my music.Some highlights of my intellectual life so far:

Drum Set
  • Acquired drum set for 10th birthday
Ben as Chuck Berry
  • Acquired guitar for my 13th birthday
Ben long hair
  • Grew hair long
  • Learned to play every track on Iron Maiden’s Live After Death
Ben cranky rush shirt
  • Recorded first original rock tunes with my teenage basement band. Silly little things – now long forgotten – inspired by Rush, King Crimson & early Genesis.
Ben NCHS jazz band shirt
  • Premiered my first legit composition – “Sommertime” – for the New Canaan High School Jazz Band. A wretched, derivative work borrowing heavily from a China Crisis tune
  • Won a concerto competition playing the “Stairway to Heaven” of the classical guitar repertoire: Concierto de Aranjuez
  • Won a composition competition with an original piece for Piano Trio (him, her and her). A good piece I think, with just a few embarrasing moments.
Ben jewy look
  • Gave up on a promising classical guitar career over tendinitis
  • Succeeded in a 2-year long quest to get cured
  • Grew a beard, tried hard to look jewy
Angry young dude
  • Learned to hate the state by working as a substitute teacher in various government schools
  • Cultivated a scowling, contrarian world view, suitable for my going-nowhere music career
Steve and me
  • Full-on obsessed with minimalism (Reich) and neo-third stream hacks like Louis Andriessen
  • Composed many works in the style
Marty and me
  • Half-hearted attempt to write post-modern literature
  • Self-published a book of short stories & poems, distributed to <10 friends and family
UMass concert poster
  • Graduated from Graduate School as a “master of composition” – a pleasant 2-year distraction that’s taken nearly a decade to recover from
  • Became self-taught technologist
  • Bluffed my way into my first legit day job
Super Brain
  • Produced first full-length art rock album – “Super Brain”. Immediately shelved as “too un-commercial”
  • Wrote a follow up to “Super Brain” full of political & social rants – code-named “Right Wing Fiend”
  • Recorded first track – “Speekie Engrish” – before being leveled by a tsunami…err…the birth of my first child
Someone's baby
  • Spent all free time between baby-this and baby-that either A) napping, or B) discovering radical, free-market economics
Ben Sleepy
  • Emerged from near-drowning (tsunami #1) just soon enough to record the rest of “Right Wing Fiend”, then leveled by aftershock (child #2)
Ben Fat
  • Mortgage, day job, family
  • 34th birthday – early mid-life crisis
  • Gained then lost 50 pounds
  • Swung at – but missed – a half dozen get-rich-quick ideas
  • Began chewing on two Zoloft pills/day
  • Kicked self in pants and got back to music
  • Completed tracking and recording of “Right Wing Fiend” – renamed “america’d”
  • Learned the basics of music mixing & mastering from an online Berklee College course
  • Completed first mature mix – “Adult Children”
Ben Crazy
  • Set 5-year plot in motion to dominate the niche of edgy, political prog rock
  • Came out of the musical, social and political closet to all my friends & family
Ben & Henri
  • On a temporary hiatus spent stroking my cat, nursing wounds inflicted by life, and preparing for a triumphant return…