Dream Theater – Forsaken

Some people call Dream Theater – the long-running musician’s experiment of a band – “Rush on Meth”:

  • James LaBrie’s high wail = Geddy Lee’s medium-wail
  • John Petrucci’s by-the-book shred guitar = Alex Lifeson’s 1970s proto-shred guitar
  • Mike Portnoy’s mecha-metronomic drum style = Neal Peart’s ass-wipings on a bad day (tee-hee!)

Some people also call the band “Opeth undergoing Vasectomy”. Wait…no people called them that. I just made it up. Oops!

Anyway, as you can tell I’m not a massive fan of Dream Theater. Not a hater (despite the dour humor above), but just usually overcome by a sense of “blah” when I hear most of their tracks. But since everyone keep telling me that my music sounds a bit like Dream Theater, I felt obligated to go through their top 20 and have a listen.

This track – Forsaken by Dream Theater – from their album Systematic Chaos – is a small exception. The song is a tad schmaltzy, a tad ballsy, a tad epic, and a tad septic (as in down & dirty grindy metal-ish).

The video has a bit of a cheesy production value to it, but as John Petrucci said (or insinuated): its about a guy dreaming he’s getting banged by a hot vampiress while she instead hypnotizes him and sucks him dry (the carotid artery, not that other organ)…

I may be a queer, but I still get a little tingle down below when I hear a capable shredder like Petrucci play a fast, dramatic arpeggio with a full, distorted tone. Its just a harrowing sound. Also, the bridge in Forsaken is an extremely funky and riff-driven little snippet that any straight-ahead rock fan could appreciate. This proves that proggers like Dream Theater and Rush shine best when they quit the syncopation/odd meter antics for a moment and unleash a solid rock riff or three.

Anyway, if you came here looking specifically for a dose of that Dream Theater Forsaken schmaltz, here’s the lyrics:

For a while I thought I fell asleep
Lying motionless inside a dream
Then rising suddenly I felt a chilly breath upon me
She softly whispered in my ear

Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes
And take my hand
Give yourself up to me

I waited painfully for not to fall again
Trying to silence the fear within me
Out of the night and mist I felt a stinging kiss
And saw a crimson sting on her lips

I have to know your name
Where have I seen
Your face before?
My dear, why don’t you be afraid?

Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes
And take my hand
Give yourself up to me

Take me far away
Close your eyes
And hold your breath
Till the ends of the earth

Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes and take my hand

Forsaken, fly away with me tonight
Awaken, renew my life
Now you are mine
Give yourself up to me