Why Jesus Likes My Political Music

In 1999, when my wife and I…whoops…we weren’t married yet…when my girlfriend and I were in couples therapy to work out some shit we were having at the time, our therapist said “Political compatibility is very important in a relationship”, by which he meant not voting alignment but political and social philosophy. This was in Amherst, Massachusetts – sensitive, PC, stinky, granola country. Our therapist used as an example that he would be horrified and let down if one of his sons voted republican after he had brought the family up liberal. Thankfully, politics-wise my girlfriend…whoops…I mean my wife (we married in 2001) and I are more or less compatible.Political MusicWhen it comes to political music, my wife and I differ a great deal. I ain’t no Springsteen/Dylan fan:

  • I love System of a Down – a very extreme alt-metal band with radical leftist views that overlap considerably with my own libertarian/anarchist views. Their insanity-laden style is as endearing to me as their politics, though.
  • Rush is a favorite – and though Neal Peart’s lyrics never get overtly political, his early work reflected a radical individualism that he got from reading Ayn Rand novels. Fringe music (prog) goes well with fringe politics.
  • Megadeth – while not on my top 20 band list – is worthy of respect (more-so than Metallica these days). Their 80s hits “Peace Sells” and “Countdown to Destruction” convey a disgust and disdain for politics and statism in general. Dave Mustaine and I probably are most similar politically in that sense – we feel the game itself is rotten and should be abolished. Too bad he’s ossified into a crotchety right-wing a-hole in his old age, and didn’t nurse those latent anarchist tendencies into something more dangerous.

My own music is very political – take a look at the banner heading of my website!

An epiphany struck me while I was making my first attempt at an album – why don’t I tone down the experimentalism a bit, inject some of my new-found libertarian/anti-government ideas into the mix with some choice lyrical themes (war, political correctness, fascism), and then remake myself into a political music figure?

So far its worked out ok – I’m building my “tribe” as the marketing gurus say. The songs aren’t for everyone, but I’m not trying to please everyone. I’m trying to make a unique and rare (in rock music) political statement with my music and deliver it with the highest artistic craft

Here’s a my political song about that devil on earth, Henry Kissinger. I know for a fact Jesus loves this song, cause he hates baby killers:

To snag some of my political music go here.