Masculine Music

This is a weird topic – masculinity in music. I’m trying to express a notion that some music – usually certain pop music genres – have just the wrong attitude for a man with a normal amount of testosterone:

I’ve also called this music “douche chill” music, cause that’s how it makes me feel. I know the ladies and gay guys – and straight guys with borderline testosterlove deficiency – love this stuff but I simply cannot listen to it – or especially watch it performed – without rolling my eyes, groaning, fidgeting and wanting to cleanse my aural pallete with some Meshuggah, Van Halen, The Who, or Neil Young tracks.

Where’s the Edge?

Good pop music to me has to have muscle, edge or surprise. The harmony can’t be all “white keys on piano” (i.e. all simple diatonic chords and clusters). It sounds like Yanni after a whlie (actually Yanni has better harmonic muscle than most of these a-masculine songwriters).

And the melody has to be either simple, or surprisingly complex, or sweet – but it has to slightly clash somehow with the harmony and rhythm. It has to zig when the chords zag – or stay put while the chords are zig-zagging around it, or vice versa. Again – muscle, edge and surprise.

I’m still learning how to verbalize this esthetic, so I’ll post about this again. For now – here are some good counter examples of what I mean:



Douchey No-Nad Music:

Muscle, Power and Surprise – Yet a Similar Sound on the Surface: