MP3 Rock Music Download – Yahoooo!!

Wow – that’s some article title, huh?

Welcome to the absurd world of “search engine optimization” (SEO).

This is the world of horribly vacant websites with computer-generated non-content, spam, phish and malware bait. Well – that’s usually the case with SEO-heavy websites. But I aim to buck the trend here…

In case it isn’t clear from my recent editorial schedule on the blog, I’ve been writing articles recently that – while germane to my own musical style and passions (e.g. Zappa, Rush, libertarian politics) – is based around a set of topics that:

  1. Are relevant to my potential fans – those who would like my music but haven’t discovered me yet
  2. Are laden with ripe keywords like MP3 Rock Music Download to attract the attention of search engines (eh, who’s kidding who – its still only one search engine these days), which will in turn prompt clicks to each article
  3. Carry an obvious call to action to my readers/potential fans to signup for my email list, wherein I attempt to sell them my wares

You see, I’ve been studying internet marketing, and have gravitated to the sub-discipline of “search engine optimization”, which involves writing targeted content for blogs and websites that will naturally tend to rank in google searches for important terms. Its a long, time-consuming process, but it pays off in the long haul by attracting free visitors to your site. Google, through all its search engine changes, tends to respect good websites built with interesting content that helps people. Since I’ve owned for nearly 12 years now, and since music is my life, I certainly aim to build such a “site for the ages”.

Today’s article is a funny one – all about “MP3 Rock Music Downloads“. Unlike past articles on Rush Songs or Frank Zappa Songs or political music – today’s article topic is a relic of the absurd days when blog articles were designed around random search terms, engineered purely to attract random traffic without much concern for entertaining or informing the reader, but with a hope of generating a click or two on some equally random web ad.

The phrase MP3 Rock Music Downloads showed up one day in a market analysis tool that I use to research web trends and plan my next batch of blog topics. I think it came up when I was researching “experimental rock” and related keywords. It was totally random and unrelated to that subject, but I couldn’t resist adding it to my “have to blog” list since it apparently receives a ton of traffic through Google, and had very little competition for rankings. High-price and low competition is definitely the place to be – in web marketing as in all areas of business.

As of right now, here are the stats for the various articles and keywords I’ve been targeting. Its actually pretty amazing what you can accomplish with some well-crafted blog writing and a bit of link building. My traffic is slowly building:

Anyway – I apologize for dragging random visitors through that preamble. Without further delay let me please provide you with what you – namely: some free MP3 Rock Music Downloads from my own song catalog: