New cover song video – Metal version of Party Rock Anthem

Its been a few months but I finally have the next cover song in my emerging album of Other People’s Music.

Party Rock Anthem was an obvious candidate for prog metal deconstruction – the chorus of the song had that classic metal harmonic progression of just about every Iron Maiden song (i-VII-VI), and it was easy to imagine it at a dirge-like slow pace. Slap some thick-ass sludge guitars, dense vocal harmonies, and sandwich between them a 60-second burst of fast-tempo rhythmically masturbatory prog rock – and you have this new cover.

As you can see from the video, I’m ditching the cinema verite approach of the “video song“, where only my balding, bearded mug is featured recording the song. The mix of found footage and bizarre imagery is easier to produce, more fun, and more effective at getting Youtube eyeballs. And I’ll admit – that’s what this absurd album of covers is about – destroying bad pop songs to the point that horrified listeners take notice.

So far – this one has triple the views on its 3rd day as my last two cover songs (Pumped up Kicks and Sister). Still not viral, but an improvement. I attribute this bump to my strategic – but artistic – use of the half-naked dancing lady.

More coming soon!

  • Ignacio Boado

    It might sound a bit rough, but i think the vocals suck. Everything else is quite good, though.

    • Ben Sommer

      Oh dear! What specifically sucks about my voice? Thx