Video for “Saint Martha”

This track has grown to be my favorite off my first album america’d. It’s also the music video I’m proudest of. Did it all myself!

Besides featuring me playing guitar, cut-outs of cute women and a bobble-headed Saint Martha herself, the video also features my main man on drums – George Arsenault. The guy is a monster on the skins.

Let’s see if you can get the plot line and message of the song, just by watching. Leave a comment! Which band was I lamely trying to emulate here??

P.s. you can download the song here and the entire album its on here.

Talk to you later,


  • Tobey Cummings

    I hear some Who in there; especially on the drums. That is what I was hearing anyway… Liked the song; but couldn’t figure the plot line. I learned something new; Martha Stewart has a thread count fetish.

  • bensommer

    Thx – the Keith Moon impression was definitely on purpose. I asked my man George to do his best. Song is – a figurative, veiled ode to St. Martha at once ironic and sincere. That’s what the critics said, at least