Masculine Music

This is a weird topic – masculinity in music. I’m trying to express a notion that some music – usually certain pop music genres – have just the wrong attitude for a man with a normal amount of testosterone:

I’ve also called this music “douche chill” music, cause that’s how it makes View all photos

Evictionism – The Only Rational Solution to the Abortion Problem

The great libertarian economist Walter Block turned me on to the idea of “Evictionism” (a neo-logism of his own making) as the only sensible, rational solution to the abortion problem.

Typical Abortion Debate

  1. Pro-life people are worried only with the rights of the fetus
  2. Pro-choice people are worried only with the rights of the View all photos

Thick as a Brick 1

In preparation for my interview with Ian Anderson this Friday I’ve re-aquainted myself with their classic concept album Thick as a Brick. The re-issue available on Rhapsody includes an interview three of the early members (including Anderson) from the 1980s recalling their experience writing, recording and touring the record. Here’s the View all photos