Cynic, System of a Down, Meat Machine, Metallica, Primus, Electric Sorcery

Here’s a compilation of last week’s favorite bands (see my twitter stream):

  • Cynic – Virtuosic progrock with touches of emo vocal style – oh and synthesizers
  • System of a Down – I’m always ~10 yrs late to good new rock. Still on SOAD’s 2005 double album
  • Meat Machine – and NOT just cause I played guitar in the band – very Zappa/Beach Boys-esque
  • Metallica – like others I believe Black Album was jump-the-shark milestone. Gimme Cliff Burton
  • Primus – remember when a band like that could get heavy MTV rotation
  • Electric Sorcery – 70s-ish progrock – cool use of synths and other goofy devices – bit of reggae too