New cover – The Black Keys’ “Sister”

I’ve done it again – another cover!

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Its the Black Keys this time – the track is “Sister” off their new album El Camino.

My strategy was thus:

  • Watch the late 2011 album release schedule for bands that I half-way admire: CHECK!
  • Pick a song from said album that is not yet a single but seems likely to be one. This gives me time to produce a cover that may hit at the same time the single is released – CHECK!
  • Record cover – recording the process to also economically produce a video – CHECK!
  • Hits, Views, Fame!!!! – check?

Meh – so I may have fouled up this time. Sister, though a very cool song, isn’t likely to chart any time soon. Thus, though this cover will surely get me more cred than I have now from the indie blog community – the hits and fame stuff will probably have to wait until next time. Oh well – it was fun and easy so I’ll keep trying until I hit it.

Stay tuned for the next one in the emerging cover album “Other People’s Music”. Once this one is done I’ll be back to head-destroying angsty prog rock….

  • Matt sommer

    Best yet