Deep Music Criticism #8 – Guided by Voices – She Goes Off at Night

Up this week is a new band discovery – Guided By Voices (GBV).

I know I’m about 20 years late to the hipster indie party – this band and its impresario Robert Pollard have been indie gods since the 80s. I remember hearing my vegetarian, feminist girlfriends in college play GBV’s “low-fi” stuff for me in college in the early 90s. Just didn’t grab me – seemed douchey. Well, the good thing about GBV is that they’ve got about 75 albums and 1000+ songs to choose from, so you’re bound to find something enjoyable.

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Deep Music Criticism #7 – System of a Down – Sugar

I’m constantly late to the party when it comes to musical fashion. There’s just such an astounding mass of good music – especially pop music – that its just very unlikely that the best stuff to listen to is what is being performed and promoted right now.

System of a Down is one of those bands. I got into them in 2008 when I was FAT. I haven’t heard their latest album – released in 2011 – but wouldn’t be surprised if it was great. They seem to have held interest from their early albums to their late ones. Their 2005 double-issue “Mesmerize” has some of my favorite songs on it.

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Deep Music Criticism #6 – Frank Zappa’s “Wind up Workin’ in a Gas Station”

Cool cats like Frank Zappa, but like even more advertising to the world that they like Frank Zappa, because liking him is what makes a cat cool.

I like Zappa – not obsessed though. I don’t like too much humor in my music. My first released album contains much sick and sarcastic humor,
but I still don’t consider my music in the Comedy Rock genre. I need some anger and angst in there. Frank’s music is often too happy and goofy for me.

But today’s song, though tongue-in-cheek, is hard-hitting punk/prog Zappa at his best. Its why I love Zappa.

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Deep Music Criticism #5 – Katatonia’s Soil’s Song

Training to be a composer exposes you to music from a wide historical and stylistic range. It gives you a higher-level view than most people. That’s why “genre” to me means popular, classical, folk, religious – and every major civilization’s flavors of those high-level categories.

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Deep Music Criticism #3 – Mastodon’s Oblivion

Here begins my 3rd installment of “deep” music criticism. See prior installements on Van Halen and Seahaven.

Mastodon is a progressive metal band from down south in Atlanta – and they sound it. Their peculiar style of prog-metal bear some of the tell-tale marks of all southern music: