Political Wednesday: When Does Human Life Begin?

Yeah, I know its Thursday. Sue me.

I got into a debate with a friendly colleague of mine at work right before we headed home  tonight. He’s a guy with generally cynical tendencies who will subscribe to left/liberal positions when pressed. This is frustrating to me since he is smart, and has a raw anti-establishment attitude – both pre-requisites to converting to my libertarian/anarchic view of the world. He nonetheless resists. View all photos

The Low-Priests of Government: Cops, Teachers, Firefighters (Political Wednesday)

When I wrote my memorial-day protest against military hero-worship, I was focused the those members of the middle-ranking government priesthood, the soldiers. Its a touchy subject to bring up, because criticizing the very institution of Standing Army means criticizing the closely held belief-structure of most people. Yes that’s right: belief is the operative word here. Logic, facts and a clear-headed reading of history are natural enemies to beliefs when it comes to politics. Normally rational people become truly unhinged emotionally when credible criticism is aimed at the military and its operations, objectives and track record.

A close second to the soldier in rank of esteem and superstitious adoration among most modern Americans are the Cops, Teachers and Firefighters. These are civil government employees working in a system based on local government traditions dating back in many cases to colonial times. View all photos

Political Wednesday: Bread as Tool of Oppression

I’ve been kinda on the “Paleo” diet for a few months. “Kinda” because I still retain a sweet tooth that needs satisfying at least once a week. Despite what my wife says about my Type-A approach to life, in the diet area I definitely am an 80/20 guy. Every Friday night, and all day Saturday I let loose and eat whatever I want, including sweets, wheat-based foods, and beer. View all photos

Drugs? No Victim, No Crime

Victimless CrimesI like to think that life is simple. Moral rules, right and wrong, justice and injustice – are all based on timeless, simple principles that worked the same for prehistoric and early civilized man as they do for us today.

We, unfortunately live in an advanced age, with massive control apparatus (also known as “government”). This massive apparatus – run by millions of bureaucrats – has a massive program that it implements with the help of its affiliates (media, industry, academia, etc.) to convince us that the new age requires something new. New laws, new standards, new definitions of justice and above all new morality. View all photos